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Blue Magic Vinyl Cleaner & Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner

Blue Magic is and All-Purpose Waterbed Cleaner. All Purpose Waterbed Conditioner has a one-step time release formula. This helps to remove gases from water helps keep the water fresh and clean within the waterbed. It controls growth of odour and helps prevent algae & bacteria from building up inside your water mattress.

Blue Magic Waterbed Repair Kits

The Blue Magic Waterbed Vinyl Repair Patch Kit contains a vinyl adhesive and vinyl for repairing small punctures that may occur on your waterbed mattress. It is safe to use to repair leaks in vinyl air mattresses. Simply cut enough vinyl patching material from the vinyl repair kit to extend 1/4″ beyond the puncture.

Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner

Waterbed conditioner is an important treatment product that is required for your waterbed. No matter how well your tap water is filtered it is inevitable that there will be microbes, algae, and mould spores present within it.

The world’s cleanest beds...

Unlike a normal mattress which gathers sweat, body salts, dander and other detritus while you sleep, your waterbed can be effectively cleaned of these unpleasant sheddings that can be a breeding ground for bacteria and micro-organisms.

All you have to do with your waterbed to keep it scrupulously clean is use blue magic cleaner and remove and wash the fabric covering from time to time, then wipe down the vinyl casing. Please get in touch if you would like any advice or more information on blue magic cleaner.

The water inside the waterbed mattress does not need replacing, unless and until you move the bed somewhere else.

To keep the water inside the water mattress free of algae growth, and to keep the vinyl lining supple, you’ll need to add a special conditioner to the water once every six months or so.

When you purchase a luxury waterbed from SouthWest Waterbeds, we will supply you with Blue Magic cleaner, Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner and all the products and advice you need to maintain your bed in excellent condition for many years to come.

Mattress & maintenance

Maintenance is sooooooo easy

Inside the mattress is the stabilisation; it’s not all water as most people think! Stabilisation controls the gentle movement of the water as it settles around you.  When the installer fits the mattress, conditioner is added, which keeps the water clean and the vinyl supple.

Conditioner, which is added every 6-12mths, is important for the life of the mattress. It keeps the water clean and the vinyl supple. Apart from wiping the surface of your mattress with the vinyl cleaner every now and again, there is very little else to do.  When you wipe the top of the mattress, you’ll notice how just much dander and detritus (skin, dandruff, dust and debris) sinks into a conventional mattress.  This alone will make you realise how super-clean and anti-allergic your waterbed is.


The hygiene of a waterbed cannot be surpassed.  It has to be the cleanest bed in the world:  Skin particles and other debris cannot enter the mattress to feed livestock such as dust mites (whose faeces that gives off the gas that creates allergies).  Allergy sufferers can rest assured this cannot happen on a super-clean waterbed.  Plus, it is recorded that we humans give off half a litre of moisture each night which is absorbed into a conventional mattress week after week, year after year.  Think sweat and body fluids …… nice thought, eh?  This cannot happen on a waterbed.

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